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Chantilly Marie Joyce, A.K.A. “The Lady of Choice”

Meet Tilly. Actually, her full name is Chantilly Marie Joyce, also known as “the lady of choice.” As history would have it, this grand dame wasn’t always first choice. It took a special couple, Paul and Joan F., to see the potential in this sweet girl and rescue her from a dire situation.

For the last two years, Tilly has been given the luxuries she was born to enjoy. Aside from her adventures in the family Marathon, this cutie pie loves rides in her stroller and fruit, especially bananas, cantaloupe and apples.

Paul and Joan are not new to having one of their pets be the center of attention. With 60 years of having bulldogs under their belts, they’ve had more than one brush with greatness. In fact, one of their previous pets, Rosie, made it into the bulldog calendar not once, but twice.

If you cross paths with these fine folks at Marathon or on your travels, be sure to say hello; and if you find yourself at Marathon headquarters, be sure to pop in the marketing office to check availability for your own fun, pet photo shoot!


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