Marathon Coach
91333 Coburg Industrial Way
Coburg, OR 97408-9432
Phone: (800) 234-9991
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Media / Facts

Marathon Coach, Inc. began operations in September 1983 converting new commercial bus shells into luxury recreational vehicles and corporate coaches. Retired Abbott Laboratories Chairman and CEO Robert A. Schoellhorn purchased his first Marathon/Prevost in 1990. He was so impressed with the quality of his motorcoach that Marathon Coach, Inc. has been owned by the Schoellhorn family since 1992 and is now the world's largest and most experienced luxury bus conversion company. Over the past two decades, Marathon has grown its business by producing innovative, quality coaches, as well as possessing an unwavering commitment to after-sale personalized service. The company has produced and sold over 1,200 custom bus conversions worldwide, by far an industry record. Marathon provides service support to their valued coach owners at their sales and service facilities in Oregon, Texas and Florida.

Marathon Coach celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2013, while 2014 marked Marathon Coach's 20th anniversary in its custom designed, world headquarters, manufacturing, sales and service facility located at 91333 Industrial Way in Coburg, OR. The facility is built on 17.5 acres with approximately 160,000 square feet of production space, housing the specialized interior design studio, engineering hub, cabinet production, full-service exterior paint shop with four paint booths, upholstery, nine bay service center, extensive parts operation, composites and fabrication, metal working, solid surface counters, glass and mirrors, marketing, sales and headquarter operations. Well over of 900 coaches have been produced at this location alone.

Marathon's engineers, craftspeople and designers are extraordinarily talented, with every department working together to design and produce each custom coach.

"We're pleased to have so many long term team members, including 25 who were with the company when we made the move to our new plant," said Marathon Coach President and Owner Steve Schoellhorn. "I would like to thank everyone in the Marathon family who has made this significant milestone and so many others possible, most importantly, our valued coach owners and dedicated employees."

Marathon is proud to have retained many long term, dedicated employees having over 1,600 years of combined experience with the average employee having over 15 years experience. Sixty-four employees have been with the company 15 years or more and 106 employees have been with the company five years or more.

Marathon Coach Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Marathon?
A: Marathon Coach, Inc. is the world's largest luxury bus converter and dealer. Using new commercial bus chassis supplied by Prevost Car Inc., Marathon custom produces the luxury motorcoaches equipped with the finest materials and advanced components and technology available. Marathon's world headquarters is located in Coburg, Oregon with sales and service facilities also in San Antonio, Florida and Grand Prairie, Texas.
Q: How are Marathon coaches different from regular motorhomes?
A: Because we do not mass produce our coaches, no two are ever the same. Luxury, high-end Marathon coaches feature all of the amenities found in custom-designed luxury homes, such as imported leathers, fine fabrics, and stunning stone and woodwork. All Marathon coaches are equipped with exclusive technologies, such as TechLink, an electrical networking system, and high-end audio/video equipment such as multiple flat-screen HDTVs and surround sound, which is remotely controlled by the universal remote Crestron control system.
Q: Who is Prevost?
A: The buses Marathon converts are manufactured by Prevost Car in Quebec, Canada. Prevost also makes seated buses used by charter and tour operators. The bus shells are driven from Prevost's Quebec facility to Marathon's conversion facility in Coburg, Oregon, a cross-continent road trip. The Prevost shell is the starting point in the conversion process for each luxury Marathon coach.
Q: How long has Marathon been in business?
A: Marathon Coach started up in 1983 with only a handful of employees building one coach at a time. It now employs hundreds. Please see our history section for more details.
Q: Do mainly celebrities buy Marathon coaches?
A: No. Although Marathon does have clients from the entertainment industry and NASCAR, most of our customers are successful retired or semi-retired people who enjoy the coaching lifestyle and desire the finest of luxury coaches.
Q: What do people do with their coaches?
A: Coach owners use their buses in a variety of ways. Some use their coach in conjunction with hobbies, such as photography, hunting, or dog and horse shows. Others enjoy family gatherings or staying at Luxury RV resorts that include amenities such as spas, entertainment, and golf or tennis. Marathon coaches are great for sporting events—host a tailgate party or avoid the hassle of hotels at NASCAR races. Marathon coach owners also participate in Marathon Club sponsored events that bring friends together for fun and entertainment at exciting locales.
Q: How long does it take to build a Marathon?
A: Building a coach is a 16-week process that requires 5,000-10,000 hours of labor depending on the complexity of the custom coach. A custom-built coach, on average, takes approximately six to nine months to complete.
Q: Can you custom-build your own coach?
A: Absolutely! Marathon is capable of accommodating the most discerning of tastes. Marathon's expert team of engineers and interior and exterior designers take you through the process from start to finish—from choosing a floorplan and decorating the interior to designing a fabulous exterior paint scheme.
Q: What advanced technology is in a Marathon coach?
A: Exclusive Marathon technologies, such as TechLink, an electrical networking system, and Freedom Plus, an automated sewer hose system, were specifically developed to make coach operations easier. All Marathon coaches are equipped with Crestron Remote Control Systems, a remote control unit that replaces multiple units and operates coach audio/visual systems, automatic window blinds, air conditioning, and lighting fixtures at the touch of a button. Coach home-theater with surround sound capabilities includes DVD components and multiple, large-screen, high definition televisions with in-motion satellite television, satellite radio and internet reception.
Q: What are the prices of the Marathon line?
A: New coaches range in price from $1.5 to $2.5 million; top-quality pre-owned coaches begin at $200,000. Our experienced service technicians thoroughly inspect, detail and service all in-stock, pre-owned coaches before guaranteeing a limited, six-month warranty on select coaches.
Q: Does Marathon provide coach financing?
A: Yes. Marathon Coach offers a variety of flexible financing programs to coach owners. Please contact us for more information.
Q: Does Marathon sell pre-owned coaches?
A: Yes. A pre-owned coach is a great value. Under Marathon's exclusive “Continued Excellence” program, trained technicians perform interior and exterior, bumper-to-bumper inspections and apply quality reconditioning processes to each pre-owned Marathon coach. Upon certification, select coaches are awarded a six-month, limited warranty.
Q: Does Marathon take trade-ins?
A: Yes. We take in all kinds of trade-ins. Whether it is an older bus conversion, a Fifth Wheel trailer or a motorhome, we'll take it in trade. We've seen a little of everything come in trade, including coaches as far back as 1955 to a one week old class “A” motorhome. Marathon is also a great place to find these clean units available for sale as well.
Q: What type of service can you expect at Marathon Coach?
A: At Marathon, the purchase of a coach is only the beginning of our relationship with the customer. Because providing the best service possible to our customers is one of our company's core values, we welcome them into our family, and then strive to ensure that our “new” family member is well taken care of. At all of three convenient Marathon locations in Oregon, Florida, and Texas, our friendly staff offer personalized service that focuses completely on satisfying the needs of our bus owners. Additionally, Marathon's technical support department provides individual, specialized attention 24/7 every single day of the year.