Press Release:

Business Owners Can Take Advantage of 2013 Tax Credit

Do you own a business? Would you like to purchase a new or pre-owned luxury Marathon Coach? If you plan to use your coach for business purposes, you may qualify for a government tax discount.

This 50% BONUS DEPRECIATION provision of the law allows purchases of NEW coaches between now and December 31, 2013 to qualify. If you qualify for placing the coach in your company and you are looking forward to a profitable 2013, this could be a way for you to receive substantial tax savings.

Further, this is another opportunity for you to CUSTOM ORDER your new Marathon and be able to take advantage of the 50% Bonus Depreciation.

An example on a new coach purchase would be to immediately depreciate 50% of the $2,000,000 purchase price, then take the normal 20% depreciation (assuming a 5 year depreciable life) and reduce your taxable income by $1,200,000. Assuming a corporate tax rate of 35%, this can provide an actual cash savings of $420,000 when you file your taxes for the year.

The Section 179 Enhanced Expensing is also still available for those customers purchasing a NEW or PRE-OWNED coach for business use. The purchase of qualified equipment in 2013 can be expensed up to $500,000 in the year or the purchase. In this version, the purchase price threshold for reducing this expensing benefit has also been held at $2,000,000 so all of Marathon's pre-owned coaches and some of the new coaches can reap the full benefit of this option. In addition, the Enhanced Expensing can be used in combination with the Bonus Depreciation.

As with anything tax-related, please consult your accountant or tax professional to make sure this fits your unique circumstances.

For further information about how you can take advantage of this great opportunity, please contact a sales representative at any Marathon location.