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Top-of-the-Line Audio Video: Marathon's Ever Evolving Search for the Best

Marathon Coach makes a continual effort to evaluate the top brands/components for our audio/video systems to give our customers the best and most reliable systems available. While these are our top choices, we also understand that our customers may have favorite electronics brands, and we are more than happy to build the best possible A/V system with those brand choices.

That being said, it is the Marathon Engineering Department's desire to employ the most highly regarded electronic components in the Marathon Coach AV system design. Below is an excerpt from a 2012 brand analysis conducted by the industry trade publication "CE Pro". The analysis ranks brands as selected by the top 100 consumer electronic integrators in the US. *As shown below in 15 different categories, Marathon's choices of electronic brands are top rated.

In fact in 15 relevant categories there are:

  • 10 - #1 ratings

  • 3 - #2 ratings

  • 1 - #3 rating

  • 1 - #5 rating

*CE (Consumer Electronics) Pros (Professional Integrators) Reveal Favorite Brands

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CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis 2012

CE Pro Top 100 Integrators in the US indicate preferred manufacturers by category in this 2012 Brand Analysis

A/V Receivers  Integra #1
Integra maintains the lion's share. For the first time since 2009, Pioneer appears in the top five. Adding to its return, Pioneer's Elite brand also landed in the top five.

Preamplifiers/Processors  Integra #1
Integra remains the top brand, but surging into number two is Class´┐ę, followed by sister company Rotel. Assessing the category as a whole, evidence suggests that many companies are upselling clients into higher-performance brands.

Multiroom A/V Distribution Crestron #1
For the second consecutive year, control and automation companies dominate the whole-house A/V market. Savant gained ground by adding several dealers, and Sonos showed a slight improvement.

Freestanding Speakers  Paradigm #3
The leading four brands remain unchanged. B&W gains four dealers to increase its edge over Klipsch, and for the first time Canadian brand PSB enters the top six.

Architectural Speakers
Sonance, B&W, Klipsch and Paradigm grow their respective market share. Surprisingly, two iconic custom brands - SpeakerCraft and Triad - have lost their portion over the past couple of years.

Flat-Panel TVs  Samsung #1
Samsung has increased its edge over Sony, while bursting into the top three is Sharp, which could be the result of its work to revive the Elite brand of products formerly from Pioneer.

Bluray Players  Sony #2
Oppo's emergence into the top of the category suggests that custom installers are looking for Blu-ray disc players that balance a high level of performance and value.

Matrix Switcher - Crestron #1
Matrix switchers is a new category and Crestron's popularity in related categories looks to drive its usage here. Traditional video and signal management manufacturers Extron, Key Digital and Atlona represent well.

Video Processors  Crestron #1
At one time the video processor category represented a nice add-on sale opportunity for high-performance video systems. With more broadcasters adding HD services, the role of video processing is less relevant.

Whole-House Automation  Crestron #1
The erosion of Crestron's dominance continues. It should be noted that despite Control4's closing of the gap between itself and Crestron, both companies actually lost dealers.

Remote Controls  Apple #2 & Crestron #3
URC continues to dominate, but the remote market mirrors the phenomenon that's occurred in other categories: the emergence of Apple, which nearly doubled its dealers.

HVAC/Energy Management - Crestron #1 plus Marathon's TechLink system
Crestron maintains a healthy lead.