Press Release:

Upgrade to HID Xenon

See the road better at night by upgrading from halogen bulbs to new generation Xenon. State-of-the-Art Digital HID Xenon headlights allow very stable electrical output to HID Xenon Bulbs for consistent brightness and accurate headlights beam color. Digital HID also allow the HID lights to produce 15% brighter light output than non digital HID and 350% brighter than halogen lights.

The photo above was taken the morning after an H3-45 received an HID Xenon headlight upgrade. The morning was slightly foggy, perfect for a test. The Xenon bulb didn't disappoint as we recorded via camera.

  • High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lights

    350% brighter than factory halogen headlights for better night-time driving visibility (15% brighter than non digital HID lights)

  • Longer Life

    15 times longer lasting than factory halogen headlight bulbs

  • Low Power Consumption and Less Heat

    HID lights use 45% less power consumption than factory halogen headlight bulbs, thus operates at lower temperature and generate less heat

Give us a call today for a quote on upgrading your coach to Xenon headlights!