Press Release:

iPhone interface now standard!

Imagine sitting in a restaurant for a quiet breakfast when the weather decides to change from a chilly morning to sunny and hot. Wouldn’t it be nice to return to a nice, cool, air conditioned motorcoach?

Not a problem, just dial up your Marathon coach on your secure iPhone app and change the temperature in the coach via your Crestron system. And while you’re at it, close the blinds, open or close the awnings, lock or unlock the door, and even turn the lights on.

How far away can you be and still reach your coach via your iPhone? As long as there is a signal, anywhere in the world; Alaska to Florida; London to California; your coach is always accessible.

Also standard on new Marathon coaches is a hidden security camera in the salon, a router hub for Wi-Fi Internet access, and iPod as well as iPhone controls through the Crestron system.

For more information on these, as well as other new Marathon Coach features, give us a call at 800-234-9991.