Custom Design Your Dream Coach!

Imagine designing your very own luxury custom coach from start to finish—a dream coach that reflects your unique personal style and distinctive taste. At Marathon, the process couldn’t be easier, or more enjoyable. At Marathon’s Oregon headquarters, sales, engineering, and our talented staff of interior and exterior designers and craftspeople are ready to accommodate your dreams. Design the floorplan yourself or browse our more than two dozen show coach layouts to get ideas. No request is unusual. For example, customers have had baby cribs and playpens installed; computer and office workstations, and special housing features for their pets.

Beginning with the engineering department, you’ll work with a skilled engineer, who translates your ideas to a computer-aided (CAD) software program to create a coach to your exact specifications. You will also make a decision about which Prevost shell, an XLII, which has a stainless steel side, or an H3-45 to use, and the number of slide-outs (as many as 4) you desire. Next, you’ll meet with an interior designer, who will help you come up with a design scheme, choosing everything from the upholstery fabric and valances to the countertops, flooring, and fixtures—the same process as designing a home.

Finally, you will sit down with the exterior design artist. Customers can use their own exterior design concepts or peruse Marathon’s extensive exterior design library to get ideas. Options include anything from a simple design to a mural. Marathon’s paint department offers full service accommodations and an array of special effects from which to choose, including marbles, textures, shadows, and even pearlescent paints that capture light when sprayed over certain colors. From order to delivery, your custom “dream” coach will be exactly how you designed it when you take delivery in 6 to 12 months.

For more information about how you can have a custom-built Marathon coach, contact your sales representative.