Marathon Coach offers a variety of flexible financing programs and a broad range of services to coach owners. With a 20-to-30% down payment in cash or trade equity, a 20-year term using simple interest at competitive rates is readily available to create low payments. Standard financing features include no pre-payment penalties and flexible payment terms, including possible zero cash down payments and delayed first payments. Marathon offers fast, efficient, discreet service with most credit decisions provided within 24 hours.

In addition to personal loans, coaches may be financed in a business name or through a trust with a personal guaranty. By checking with an accountant, coach owners may find they are eligible for potential tax-savings, in the form of deductible interest, by declaring the coach a second home. All financial options are considered, including debt refinancing.

Motorcoach acquisition financing requires lenders who understand the industry and are intimately familiar with the unique needs faced by coach owners, dealers and manufacturers. Marathon works closely with its lenders to ensure their knowledge in the product and marketplace. Marathon's financial sources have become confident in the Marathon product and the values they generate, even without the blue book to guide them. This is an unfortunate pitfall for some smaller or local lenders.

Marathon is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and comprehensive services to its clients. Contact Steve Irvin at 800-234-9991 to finance your next coach. Let our specialists do the work for you.