Benefits of TechLink®
  • Convenient monitoring of coach systems displayed on Crestron monitors and remotes
  • Integrated automation of coach resources and audio/video systems
  • Easily upgradeable and expandable
  • Low voltage network interfacing
  • System fault indication
  • Tri-color switch groups
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Patented system
Offered exclusively by Marathon Coach, TechLink® is the luxury motorcoach industry’s first true intelligent electrical system. TechLink is a powerful, advanced electrical control system designed exclusively by Marathon’s engineering staff to exceed the industry standards of quality, performance, and reliability. Marathon has incorporated this multiplex system in its coaches since 1996 and it has grown with our needs over the years. TechLink’s low voltage system examines essential coach information through the use of microprocessors, networking, and state-of-the-art software and
conveniently displays it on the coach’s dash monitor, bay monitor, and Crestron remotes. TechLink’s superior capabilities and innovative design controls many switchable devices and variable control devices allowing integrated automation of coach resources and audio/visual systems. Its unique remote diagnostics capabilities allow Marathon technicians to provide superior maintenance to coach owners away from service centers. TechLink provides coach owners the resources they need, when they need it, to operate confidently wherever they may travel.