Marathon Coach High Definition Television

Marathon Coach sets the industry standard for advanced technology and innovation by equipping all new Marathon coaches with High-Definition television. The superior quality and fully compatible components used in the HD system provide Marathon coach owners the finest HD viewing experience available.

Beginning with coach #1080, High Definition Television is now standard in all new coaches. HDTV is the highest quality digital signal available, and Marathon uses the finest technology on the market to optimize the HDTV system. Each coach is equipped with the industry’s top-rated brands to ensure that our customers receive the best possible viewing experience.

  • HDTV is comparable to a movie screen image
  • It displays approximately 10 times more pixels than normal TV
  • HDTV can show 480p and 720p, the numbers for standard digital. However, these do not compare to 1080i, which is what we include in every Marathon Coach with HDTV
  • All entertainment components create true HDTV in new Marathon coaches

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