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Marathon Coach Financing

Keeping it simple: Because Marathon Coach understand the needs of coach owners, we offer a variety of flexible financing programs and a broad range of services perfect for your lifestyle. For instance, with a 20-to-30% down payment in cash or trade equity, a 20-year term using simple interest at competitive rates is available to create low payments. Standard financing features include no pre-payment penalties and flexible payment terms.

In addition to personal loans, coaches may be financed in a business name or through a trust with a personal guaranty. By checking with an accountant, coach owners may find they are eligible for potential tax-savings, in the form of deductible interest, by declaring the coach a second home.

Marathon is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and comprehensive services to its clients. Let our specialists do the work for you. Contact Steve Irvin at 800-234-9991 to finance your next coach.